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We’ve taken the hassle out of managing your pickleball games. No more annoying text chains, spreadsheets, word-of-mouth court recs, or scattered social media events.

No more annoying text chains, spreadsheets, word-of-mouth court recs, or scattered social media events.

Find courts.

Find courts, clubs, events, and players that match your skill set. 

Engage with players.

Chat with players in-app and keep all your pickleball communication in one place.

Organize games.

Organize pickleball games and events with your club or community.

and that's not all...

Find Tournaments | Manage Clubs | Find Players | Read & Write Reviews | Get News

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Easily Collect Dues

create / monitor events

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“PicklePlay is the most comprehensive app which every pickleball player needs. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, the app provides the user with a multitude of functions.” 

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