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No more annoying text chains, spreadsheets, word-of-mouth court recs, or scattered social media events.

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Naples, Florida has a subtropical climate, making it a popular pickleball destination for those seeking warm weather and the ability to play year-round. Beyond recreational play the city hosts several pickleball tournaments throughout the year, including the US Open Pickleball…

San Diego, California was already welcoming of alternative sports – consider that they celebrate Tony Hawk Day! – so it’s no surprise that pickleball courts in the city are abundant and generally of high quality.  As of late 2022, there…

Want a searchable map of all the pickleball courts in Phoenix? Check out our Pickleball Courts in Phoenix map. One of the sunniest cities in the USA, Phoenix Arizona is an excellent place to play pickleball.  As of August 2022,…

While holiday break can mean closing school books or taking time off work, you don’t have to take a break from your favorite sport. As you pack your bags and load up to hit the road for the holidays, you…

Use the PicklePlay App to Find Pickleball Courts in Your Area With the #1 PicklePlay App, it’s easy to find local pickleball courts in your area or while traveling! Whether you are new to the sport of pickleball or have…