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UTR Sports Hosts USAP Golden Ticket Qualifiers Across the U.S.

May 30, 2024
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UTR Sports Hosts USAP Golden Ticket Qualifiers Across the U.S.
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UTR Sports Hosts USAP Golden Ticket Qualifiers Across the U.S.

Earlier this year, UTR Sports launched a new year-round series of pickleball tournaments called the UTR Sports Pickleball Amateur Series, which includes two Golden Ticket USA Pickleball Nationals qualifying events. 

The first UTR Sports Golden Ticket qualifier is this week in Macon, Georgia, on May 29-June 2 with over 500 players competing for their chance to book a spot in the 2024 USAP National Championships. The second UTR Sports Golden Ticket qualifier will be on July 10-14, 2024, in Arada, Colorado (Denver), and registration is open until June 26. 

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Winning a gold medal at one of the Golden Ticket events offers players with pre-registration (Golden Tickets) to the 2024 USAPl National Championships, which will take place in Mesa, AZ on November 10-17. All players who participate in Golden Ticket qualifiers can enter the lottery for USAP Nationals registration. 

“We are super excited about our USAP GoldenTicket events. We're in Macon in late May, and then in July, we're going to be in Denver. Those two Golden Ticket events in 2024 are going to allow participants to compete in the USAP Nationals,” said Chase Hodges, UTR Sports Vice President. “We’re looking forward to having pickleball players throughout the United States competing, and we're going to put on first-class events.”

The UTR Sports Pickleball Amateur Series cultivates a world-class experience for amateur players and offers value that exceeds registration fees. UTR Sports provides participants with guaranteed games, competitive matches, and quality playing environments. 

Divisions are split by age (19+, 35+, 50+) and include men’s and women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. Groups are assigned based on the new UTR Pickleball Rating (UTR-P). 

UTR Sports introduced the new UTR-P Rating in 2023, and it’s the rating of the USA Pickleball and the APP (Association of Pickleball Players). The UTR Sports Platform has always been anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate tennis rating system. 

Anyone can get their UTR-P Rating for free. Players without match results will receive a provisional rating from P1-P5 based on questionnaire results. Once match results are logged, the provisional rating converts to a numeric rating from 1-10.

Learn more about the UTR-P Rating and get your free rating here. 

By using the UTR-P rating system, the Pickleball Amateur Series is taking a level-based approach to player groupings to ensure high-quality, competitive matches. Players of all ratings are welcome, and players new to UTR Sports without enough match results will still be able to register after creating their free UTR Sports profile.

PicklePlay is a proud partner of UTR Sports. The mission of UTR Sports is to connect and grow the sports of tennis and pickleball with accurate global ratings, innovative events, and a global community centered around level-based play. Learn more about UTR Sports here.

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