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Creating an account on PicklePlay app

March 22, 2023
pickleplay pickleball app
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pickleplay pickleball app
pickleplay pickleball app

The PicklePlay app helps players find local pickleball courts, clubs, events and players.The Pickleball app that is Made for YOU

When downloading the  The PicklePlay app offers four EASY ways to create a FREE account: 
Signing in through Facebook account, Google email, Apple ID, or simply creating an account with an Email and password.

Building your profile on PicklePlay: 
1. Adding a profile picture allowing friends to recognize you and follow you, but this step is optional! 

2. Adding your Hometown allows you to find out where the closest pickleball courts are near you, connect with players in your area, and interact with others based on your location. 

3. When downloading the PicklePlay app, we want to know what you're interested in. Whether that is matches, tournaments, clubs, practice, courts, players.

4. Identifying your gender to help connect to others easier, this is optional and not visible on your profile.

5. Option to activate PicklePlay notifications. Don’t miss out on any activity or important updates from PicklePlay, especially if you are a part of a club or group on our platform!

6. Lastly, we want to know what your skill level is, this information allows you to connect to players that have the similar skill level as you. Forming the best competition!

Through continuous activity on the PicklePlay app, earning points is another fun offer we provide to receive discounts in the future! Connecting, communicating, and creating an effective way for all to enjoy this sport is what the PicklePlay app is all about.

 PicklePlay is more than your basic pickleball app- it really is a community and creating your free profile today allows you to fully engage and interact with others!

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