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Boost your Performance on the Pickleball court with BLAZEPOD®

June 14, 2024
pickleplay pickleball app
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Boost your Performance on the Pickleball court with BLAZEPOD®
pickleplay pickleball app

Looking to boost your performance on the Pickleball Court?

Check out BLAZEPOD®, the ultimate training app for endurance training!


BLAZEPOD® is a smart reaction training platform that boosts performance, helps you reach results faster, and provides an exciting, innovative, and motivating experience.

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BLAZEPOD® improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance in the most engaging and exciting way.

How? With BLAZEPOD®’s interactive app and innovative light-up pods that encourage physical & cognitive growth. Their team is on a mission to reinvent training all over the world, empowering athletes in any sport to find new levels of potential, breaking all previous barriers.

Your brain and body rarely work independently of one another. Every human reacts to stimulus every time they move, train or compete. This process is known as Reaction Time.


Reactive Intelligence is the concept of cognitive agility training to enhance one’s physical and cognitive abilities; such as reaction time, decision making and active thinking. The ultimate goal is to help people recognize a visual stimulus, process the incoming information, and react as quickly and accurately as possible. If you can do this faster and with accuracy you will enhance your personal performance on the pickleball court.


FRX Training is the methodology used to effectively train with BLAZEPOD®. A reflex bypasses the brain, therefore it is the fastest physical movement in the human body. FRX training was developed to speed up the brain’s processing in an effort to react as fast as a reflex.


The Pods and app are the tools needed to effectively train with the FRX methodology and the most efficient way to enhance one’s Reactive Intelligence.


RECOGNITION: seeing, hearing, or feeling a stimulus. Doing this with certainty is essential.

Example: When the light turns green at the beginning of a drag race, the light is received by the driver’s eyes. (They recognize the visual stimulus)

PROCESSING: the phase after recognition where the brain interprets the stimulus and decides what it wants the body to do.

Example: The driver, after seeing the light turn green, decides what action to take. (They process the visual stimulus based on the task or goal)

REACTION: the action that comes as a result of processing.

Example: After the driver processes the stimulus, they press down on the accelerator. (The reaction in response to the stimulus)

Summary of benefits for BLAZEPOD®:

  • Efficient synching of your brain and body
  • Solve-problems faster
  • Adapt to unpredictable scenarios and environments
  • Quickly analyze and interpret a sudden situation, change or stimulus
  • Think faster on your feet
  • Smarter play
  • Better on-field decision making
  • Better game-day awareness
  • Slow the game down

Level up your pickleball skills and performance with the next generation of smart reaction training every step of the way. 

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