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Selecting a Pickleball Paddle

June 7, 2021
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how to select a pickleball paddle
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How do you know what type of pickleball paddle is best for your skill level and style of play?

Paddle Experts at JustPaddles wrote the following to help you select the perfect paddle for you! 

As you begin to learn how to play pickleball, you’ll likely hit a point where you become interested in buying your own paddle. Owning your own paddle will boost your game’s consistency. We recommend that any player becoming more serious about the game consider investing in a new pickleball paddle. It can be the difference between a ball in the net or a drop shot in the kitchen. 

But before you rush out to buy the most expensive paddle on the market, you need to know what you’re looking for and why you’re looking for it. For example, Ben Johns’ pickleball paddle is explicitly tailored to meet his professional skill level. To find the right paddle for beginner players, be sure to take age, experience, and cost into account. Let’s take a look at the most critical factors to keep in mind when selecting a pickleball paddle.

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How to Select a Pickleball Paddle

Shopping for any new pickleball equipment requires a certain level of honesty. There’s nothing to be gained by over embellishing your skill level or play style. It’s just like standing on a tee in golf that requires 300 yards to clear the water. Pulling drivers in that situation will always end poorly. So break out the 5-iron, and let’s get smart about how we shop for pickleball.


Take your age into consideration when selecting a pickleball paddle. One of the most beautiful elements about our great sport is that it can be enjoyed by all ages. Older pickleball players shopping for a new paddle will need to take a paddle’s weight into account. Heavier paddles will cause more strain on your elbow and shoulder. It may not seem like much when you first pick it up, but after a few games on the court, just a few ounces in your paddles can feel like a world of difference. 

Beyond age, any player with a history of tennis elbow or arthritis will want to shop for lightweight paddles

If you are looking to buy a new pickleball paddle for your kid(s), sort your options by grip size and paddle weight. Smaller-handed players will need a smaller grip. Youth pickleball players also tend to benefit the most from a lightweight paddle. The combination of a smaller grip and lighter paddle provides the best paddle control for youth players. Which makes the game more accessible and more fun! 

Experience Level

Whether you are just starting to learn pickleball or you travel around for tournaments, we’ve got a list of our favorite paddles for you.

Beginner pickleball players benefit from middleweight balanced paddles. These paddles allow new players to explore their your swing. The weight distribution gives consistency to each shot while still providing enough power to comfortably return anything that comes your way. The best part about shopping for beginner pickleball paddles is that they’re inexpensive paddles that won’t force you to invest too much in your newfound hobby.

Shopping for an intermediate player can be exceptionally fun. Your game is still developing, but you can choose the pickleball paddle that meets your goals. If you’re looking to add more spin to your shots, consider investing in a paddle with additional textures on the face. If you want to add power to your pickleball game, grab a heavyweight paddle and don’t look back. It all comes down to what kind of player you are and what type of player you are hoping to become. Stay honest and genuine to your game, and you’ll start to really enjoy shopping for your pickleball paddles.

Professional or expert pickleball players likely already have their preference in brand, weight, grip, materials, and paddle shapes. If you are shopping for a serious pickleball player, get their paddle criteria and enjoy the wide selection offered by JustPaddles. Or, better yet, just pick up a JustPaddles gift card and let them buy the paddle of their dreams.


It’s essential to think about how much you are willing to spend on your pickleball habit. If you’re someone who casually plays, consider scanning deals on pickleball paddles. There’s absolutely no reason to over-invest in your game. 

Instead, be honest with how much you are willing to pay for a paddle. We hope you understand that there is a correlation between the cost of paddle and quality/durability, though. The more you spend on your paddle, the better that paddle is likely to be. This is why it makes more sense for players looking to play every day to spend a couple hundred bucks on a brand-new paddle.

But we do want to emphasize that a paddle does not make a player. Ben Johns would beat almost anyone in the world with a block of wood. So make sure you continue to focus on your skills and find a paddle that will best suit your game. 

If you need help selecting a pickleball paddle, we have a whole team of Paddle eExperts waiting to assist you. Each is knowledgeable about the sport and eager to help guide you through the paddle buying process. It’s our way of being there with you from Click to Court!

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