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Benefits of the PicklePlay Pro Membership

March 19, 2024
pickleplay pickleball app
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Check out the benefits of the PicklePlay Pro Membership
pickleplay pickleball app

Are you loving our PicklePlay app and want more? Take your pickleball journey to the next level by upgrading to the Premium PicklePlay membership! For just $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, you can unlock exclusive features and benefits that will enhance your pickleball experience.

PicklePlay Pro Benefits

Here’s why you should upgrade to PicklePlay Pro:

First and foremost, we have a brand new subscription option launching soon that will include the ability to run Leagues & Round Robin tournaments as one of the key features!!! For a limited time, Premium PicklePlay members will get a chance to try out our Scramble Ladder League & Round Robin portal in the app! Watch for an exciting announcement coming soon!

Check out these other great features you get by upgrading to the premium PicklePlay membership:

Ad-Free Experience:

Say goodbye to Pop-up Ads!

Run PicklePlay Leagues & Round Robin Tournaments!

It’s never been easier to manage a Scramble Ladder League. Less managing time and more playing time. Easily invite players to sign up, pay (optional), and track results of each match and round. The PicklePlay app will rotate players and court assignments, keep track of wins/loses, total points, point differentials, and automatically move players up and down the "ladder" each round.

New Round Robin portal will allow players to be invited, sign up and add a partner, pay registration fees, get court assignments, enter results, seed teams after pool play, and generate a single elimination bracket to eventually crown a winning team! Try out this amazing feature (for a limited time) while it is available in the premium membership!

PicklePlay Round Robin League Screenshot of how works

Filter Players by Skill Level:

When searching the list of "players" in a specific area, you can filter to find and message players in your specific skill level.

Search Users App Screenshot

Unlock exclusive discounts! 

Over $100 worth of discounts on equipment, tournaments, camps & more. Find list of pro discounts right on the home page of the app!

PicklePlay App Pro Discounts right on the home page


Sync events with your phone calendar so you’ll never miss a game.

PicklePlay App Sync events with your phone calendar

Unlock Exclusive Content: 

Get access to professional pickleball tutorials only available to our premium members.

Collect payment:

Collect payments for events inside your club/group today! No more hunting down players and tracking on paper or spread sheets who has paid for what events - making managing events hassle free! Even collect monthly or yearly membership dues for your club or group!

The premium membership also supports PicklePlay as they continue to develop a great asset for pickleball players around the world!

Save by opting for our yearly subscription at $19.99, saving you almost 20% compared to the monthly plan. With all the additional perks, it’s too good to pass up.

Visit our website, to learn more about our PicklePlay community and start your 7 day free trial today!

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