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Most Popular Pickleball Courts Near You

March 6, 2024
pickleplay pickleball app
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Pickleball Courts Near You
pickleplay pickleball app

Ready to unleash your passion for Pickleball but not sure how to find pickleball courts? Say goodbye to endless Google searches to find the most popular Pickleball courts near you. Download PicklePlay, your ultimate court finder, or check out our website

Whether you're a seasoned player or just discovering the joy of this addictive sport, the Free PicklePlay app is a must have. Its user-friendly design simplifies the process of finding courts to get you on the court faster.

How to find courts near you in PicklePlay:

After downloading the app, go to the map screen in the PicklePlay app. Whether you're in your hometown or exploring a new city, type in the location you wish to play. PicklePlay will quickly generate courts in that specific search area. 

At the top of the map, it will tell you how many courts are in that search area. It will also show clubs, events and local players. If you find a court that is not currently on our map, you can click the purple plus icon at the bottom right of the map to add a new court.

Once your results have been generated, you can click on a court on the map to see details below or you can click on the Courts icon above to see a list view of the results.

Beyond just locating courts, PicklePlay provides detailed information about courts, helping you find the perfect spot for your next match. See photos, browse ratings and read reviews from other members of our pickleball community.

You can also filter by:

  • Indoor, outdoor, or both
  • Dedicated pickleball or lined tennis courts
  • Paid or free court options
  • Lighting available or not available 

Once you find the perfect court near you, you can get contact information and links to reserve your court.

What separates PicklePlay from other Pickleball apps? Our vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts. Connect and find players, organize matches, and stay up to date on local events through PicklePlay's events feature.

Download the FREE PicklePlay app to find courts near you and unleash your passion for Pickleball.

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