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Pickleball Courts in New York City

March 9, 2023
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pickleball courts in new york city
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It’s called the Concrete Jungle for a reason. Maybe you’re traveling to New York and the city feels like just that – large, wild, and crazy to navigate, which doesn't exclude the search for courts if you're a traveling Pickleball player. Even though there's still plenty of opportunities to play, finding courts in the area, or other even players, can be overwhelming. That’s why PicklePlay has done the searching for you!

PicklePlay is a free, mobile app. One of our key features includes a map screen FULL of places to play Pickleball in the US and around world. We recommend downloading the app and searching the area you’re in, and even posting a ‘Looking to Play’ request for players in that area.

Here, we have complied a quick list of our top Pickleball courts in New York City to help your as you search for the best places to play Pickleball in New York City!

Pickleball Courts in Manhattan:

1. James J Walker Park: 2 NEW dedicated courts in 2022. Players need a portable net (common in NYC), and these courts are busy. Find more info on availability and what they use at this court to update schedules on our map screen! 

2. Carl Schurz Park: These courts also require portable nets, but they do have some available for players if you contact the park prior to playing! 

3. William F. Passannante Ball Field: 6 taped courts on asphalt, great place for players 3.5+ and you can find common play most mornings, afternoons, and Sundays. 

4. Indoor options for when weather doesn't cooperate are: Alfred E. Smith Rec Center, Gertrude Ederle Rec Center, Jackie Robinson Rec Center, & Highbridge Rec Center. Find their contact numbers and addresses on PicklePlay today. 

Pickleball Courts in Queens:

1. Astoria Park: This place is hopping with pickleballers! They have painted lines, players need to bring their own net, or catch an opportunity to hop in organized play most afternoon and evenings. 

2. Rockaway Beach: 1 Dedicated pickleball court, but operates on a first come, first serve basis. 

3. Indoor on gym floor options: Al Oerter Rec Center & Lost Battalion Hall Rec Center call ahead to confirm playtimes. 

Pickleball Courts in Brooklyn:

1. Pier 2 Pickleball: Have you seen pics floating online of people playing on the pier looking like it was straight out of a movie scene? This is the place! 4 Covered beautiful dedicated courts with nets and lights! Busy place to try to hop in,  but worth it if you get the chance! 

2. Leif Ericon Park: 4 Dedicated courts with nets! Regular, frequent play on most nice days! 

3. Marine Park: 4 Dedicated courts, but still need portable net. With frequent play most mornings and there are nets available on site for players to use during secured playtimes. 

4. Kaiser Park: 4 Dedicated lined courts, but need this park also does not have permanent nets. Portable nets can be brought in, or provided during set playtimes. 

5. John J Carty Pickleball Courts: 4 Dedicated courts with nets! However, from last time we checked the courts did require a NYC parks membership. I would call ahead if you are close or checking out this location! 

6. Indoor on gym floor: McCarren Play Center, Saint Johns Rec Center, Sunset Park Rec Center all have indoor options. If it is cold or raining, give one of them a try! Drop in fees apply. 

Pickleball Courts Close to NYC:

1. Fairview Park: 3 Dedicated courts with active daily play! 

2. Indoor on gym floor: Staten Island Jewish Community Center is a great option. Make sure to call before to ensure playtimes. 

3. Pickleball Plus: 6 Dedicated pickleball court indoor facility! GREAT place to play if you are close to the city that allows you to reserve a court! It is fun to hop in local parks, but if you need a guaranteed place to play pickleball in New York City area, it might be worth the travel to West Hampstead, NY. 


Now there are many more courts in New York City! These are our top recommendations. To view all courts, download our app, which lists all the places to play within any location plugged into the search bar, along with links for each location’s contact information and play times.

Download the free PicklePlay app today on IOS or Android!

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