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How to Run a Scramble Ladder League on the PicklePlay App

April 5, 2024
pickleplay pickleball app
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How to Run a Scramble Ladder League on the PicklePlay App
pickleplay pickleball app

Set up your own Scramble Ladder League today!

In case you missed it, PicklePlay has some exciting news! We will be launching a new subscription plan later this year that will include the ability to run unlimited Scramble Ladder Leagues & Round Robin tournaments. Keep reading to learn how to run a Scramble Ladder League on the PicklePlay App.

If you are a Pro member on PicklePlay ($1.99/month or $19.99/year) you can run a Round Robin or Scramble Ladder League within your club or group for a limited time until our Club+ Membership is released. Try it out today. It is EASY and PicklePlay saves the admin so much time and energy!

No more Hunting players down to sign up, keeping track on pen and paper of results, hunting down players for payment, and calculating results. Do it ALL through the PicklePlay app!

Scramble Ladder Leagues allow players in similar skill level to compete without having to secure a set partner for the entire duration of a league. The players scramble partners each match and move "up" or "down" the ladder each round (3 matches). The player that works its way up to the highest court position by the end of the league is crowned the overall winner!

How to set up a Scramble Ladder League:

  • Make sure your group you want to invite is a club or private group on the PicklePlay app. It is free and easy to add your group. If you have not done this step, click HERE.
  • Go to the “Schedule” Tab and click the “League / RR Portal” Button.
  • Clicking the purple + icon on the bottom will give you two options: Scramble Ladder League or Round Robin Tournament (click here for a tutorial on setting up a Round Robin Tournament).
  • Click “Scramble Ladder League”

Next you will fill out the appropriate information to get your Scramble Ladder League set up. Keep in mind the following structure:

  • Name, location, and max number of players (needs to be in increments of 4 players). Set the date and time for each round.
  • 1 Round = 3 matches on the court. Often groups will play 2 Rounds in one night. Each Round players will rotate partners each match on the same court.
  • Make sure all players are a part of the club or group, or add the players before going through the registration process. You can collect payment via Stripe for registration fees. Players can be added or deleted and number of total teams can be edited by the admin at anytime in settings either in the app or web portal.
  • The way the league is set up, it will assume that players signing up will be playing the entire league. Each player will be responsible for communicating with the admin (which can be done on the feed tab or privately) if a sub will be filling in. Subs approved by the admin will play under the original player’s name in the league. For example: If Alex is subbing for James, all court assignments, results, and details will remain under Jame’s name.
  • Automatic invite notification and email will be sent to all members of the club or group. It is first come, first serve to sign up via link on invite or by manually going into the “League / RR Portal” button on the top of the “Schedule” tab.
  • Scramble Ladder Leagues are able to be ran the length and number of rounds that the admin wants. Some groups do more than one “round” per date/time (1 Round= 3 Matches). PicklePlay allows admins to set a date and time for each round before starting the league.
  • Once all players are registered and set to compete the admin selects “Start”. All group or club members will be invited and notified via email and push notification. They can follow the link or open the League/RR portal to “Join.”
  • Scramble format allows players to be scrambled with 4 players on a court each round. Three matches will be played, and the app will rotate who plays who each round and then allow players and/or the admin to submit the scores for each match.
  • After each round, PicklePlay will calculate each player’s individual total wins, total points, and their point differential to determine which player moves “up” the ladder to the next court (best record) and who moves “down” the ladder (worst record) to the court below.
  • This is best to play with players all of a similar skill level. When starting the admin will also be able manually assign players and starting court or randomize. Some groups prefer to start in rough order of skill with best players starting on court 1 and lower skilled players on the last court.
  • The admin can choose the play format for each match, but typically only record up to a set number: 11. For example: if win by two, to keep total scores similar may record a win as 11-10 instead of 12-10. It goes by total points, so is up to each admin. Some save some time by playing rally scoring or to a lesser number during pool play. PicklePlay is flexible to give admins as much control as possible.
  • Manually adding players can be done from the “Settings” tab, but payment collection will not be an option through PicklePlay if manually added.
  • Clicking “View Matches” on the details page or the “Current Event” in the middle will take you to the populated match assignments. Players can start playing and record their scores. Make sure only ONE person on each court records the scores OR the admin can do it all on app or web. After each Round, admins can confirm or edit scores on the main “Details” tab before moving on to the next round of pool play. All matches for each round must be complete before anyone can move on to the next match.
  • After the final round, the player in the top “winning” position will be the player that worked their way to the #1 spot on Court #1. Admin can confirm league is completed and set the winner!

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to run a Scramble Ladder League on the PicklePlay App. This allows groups to have individuals sign up without having to worry about securing a partner each and every week. As long as players are in a similar skill level it gives a competitive and social aspect of rotating players to the game.

We are so excited for you to try out this new feature!! If you have any questions or need assistance, Please email:

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