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Struggling with Tennis/Pickleball Elbow? Discover Relief with Fiix Body.

March 29, 2024
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Suffering from Tennis/Pickleball Elbow? Discover Relief with Fiix Body.
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Struggling with the discomfort of Tennis/Pickleball elbow can significantly hinder your daily activities and athletic performance. Fortunately, there's a solution worth considering: Fiix Body. And don't miss a special offer exclusively for our PicklePlay community!

Let's explore how Fiix Body can alleviate your tennis/pickleball elbow troubles and get you back to feeling your best on and off the court. Designed by physical therapists, the Fiix Elbow is the world's only FDA Registered automated tendon scraping program. All you have to to is sit back and let the non-invasive Fiix Elbow device break-up adhesions and scar tissue to naturally heal your tendon. 

What is Scraping & How Does it Work?

The Fiix Elbow robot uses patented technology to automate scraping, a deep tissue linear massage, which is a proven therapy method commonly used in therapy clinics. 

This technique breaks up the pain causing scar tissue and adhesions, stimulating the bodies natural healing process by restarting blood flow to the affected area. 

The process requires shorter therapy times - only 10 minutes per session three times per week. The time between sessions allows the body to heal. Just like lifting weights your muscles and tendons need time to heal before the next treatment. 

Short stretching and strengthening exercises are also performed during the therapy to allow the tendons to become pliable and strong. This allows the tendon to stretch and not tear in future actives.


  • FDA Registered Class 1 medical device
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow approved
  • Quiet medical-grade motor
  • Free app manages therapy
  • 8-Week program - just minutes/day
  • Portable, rechargeable design
  • Travel case – TSA approved
  • 1-Year warranty
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee


  • Proven in a clinical trial
  • 96% Success in pain reduction
  • 85% Increase in grip strength
  • 76% Improvement in functional activities
  • One year post therapy 93% reported zero pain increase
  • 4.8-star rating

Fiix Body has a 96% Success in pain reduction so we are confident that you will be embarking on a journey toward pain-free living. And with a 90-Day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Fiix Body often has $100 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!

PLUS, as a special offer, get an additional $40 OFF with CODE: PICKLEPLAY.

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Success Stories: 

"Physical therapy works but I don’t have the time. For me, PT at home, in the evening – that’s how it works for me. I turn the device on for 10 minutes, place my arm on a pillow, and let it do its job.  Now it has been several months, I am pain free and it’s AWESOME!"

Chris Freytag
Founder of

"I was incredibly excited to find a real solution for elbow pain that does not require drugs, shots, surgery or resting for months. The Fiix Elbow gets to the source of the pain and fixes it in a matter of weeks. I finally found something that works for my elbow pain!"

Daniel J. Howard
Professional Pickleball Pro and Coach, Former Tennis Coach

"Fiix Elbow gets to the root cause of the pain and gets players back on the court. The players I have recommended the device too have all returned to the court with a decrease in pain. Fiix Elbow works!"

Bruce Gullikson
USPTA Master Professional, 35-year teaching pro

"I was very impressed after I read through the research study and results the program had with relieving pain. The device truly mimics the same IASTM procedure you find at physical therapy and chiropractor clinics. I recommend the Fiix Elbow Program to all my patients that suffer from elbow pain!"

David Olson, MD
Team Physician - U.S. Soccer, U.S. Weightlifting, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins

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Don't let tennis/pickleball elbow hold you back any longer. Get the SAME TREATMENT PHYSICAL THERAPISTS USE! With Fiix Body's approach to treatment, relief is within reach. Visit to learn more!

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